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To become a sponsor contact Pam Peccolo, CPIA Director, at 303-834-1022, or email for more information.

In 2008, CPIA produced a complete directory of Colorado companies (members and non-members) involved in photonics and analysis of the industry. Click here to view. In 2016, CPIA completed a survey and updated analysis of the industry. For a presentation of results, click here. 

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CPIA is proud to represent the interests of Colorado corporate members and support organizations.

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3D at Depth, Inc.
6D Laser
Adams County Economic Development
Advanced Thin Films
ALIO Industries
Alpine Research Optics
Ascentia Imaging, Inc.
Atom Computing
Ball Aerospace
Beyond Photonics, LLC
Boulder Economic Council
Cinnabar Optics
Colorado BioScience Association
Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade
Colorado Technology Association
CU ECEE Department
DFCrews | KOHZU Precision | LAB Motion Systems
DFM Engineering, Inc.
Diamond USA, Inc.
Distant Focus
Double Helix
Epilog Laser
Extreme Diagnostics
Fathom Radiant
FiveNine Optics
FormFactor Inc.
Hamamatsu Corp.
High Precision Devices (HPD)
Imatest LLC
Intlvac Thin Film
Kapteyn-Murnane Labs (KMLabs)
Kaufman & Robinson, Inc.
Kimmon Koha USA, Inc.
Lathrop GPM
Lever Photonics
Longpath Technologies
LTI Optics
Meadowlark Optics
Momentum Optics
National Institute of Standards and Technology/Quantum Electronics & Photonics
Octave Photonics
Optical Engines
Paradigm Research Optics
Particle Measuring Systems
Perkins Precision Developments, LLC
Phasics Corp
Plasma Process Group, Inc
Rainbow Research Optics, Inc
Raytheon Intelligence and Space
Real D
Redgarden Engineering LLC
Research Electro-Optics, Inc.
Rocky Mountain Laboratories
Sapienne Consulting
Scientech Inc
Sporian Microsystems, Inc
Stable Laser Systems
SVVSD Career Elevation & Technology Center
Tech-X Corporation
Vescent Photonics, Inc.
Virtual Industries
XUV Lasers

CPIA proudly has these individuals as members:

Rick Cox, Metrohm
Geoff Crowley, Orion Space
Jaden Davidson
Gordon Day, Division Chief Emeritus, NIST
Gary Horvath
Christopher Karp
Paul Minton, CEL
Rick Morrison
Austin Rider
Mary Ann Roe
Conor Ryan

CPIA proudly has these students as members:

Colorado State University

Priscilla Vazquez

FRCC Optics

Mel Jameson
Jason Westover


David Goldberger
Scott Hunter
Nickolas Materise
Alan Phillips
Daniel Scarborough
Cole Smith
Morgan Trexler

University of Colorado Boulder

Jan Bartos
Charlie Callahan
Bliss Cassidy
Mikayla Cervantes
Conrad Corbella Bagot
Scott Egbert
Yuka Esashi
Matthew Heyrich
Andrei Iskra
Greg Krueper
Alyssa Lalko
Carter Mashburn
Carl Mathurin
Eli Miller
Drew Morrill
Nareej Prakash
Peter Riley
Amy Robinson
Gabrie Seymour
Thariq Shanavas
Lange Simmons
Elizabeth Strong
Ashwin Yerasi
David Yun
Vesta Zhelyaskova