High Precision Devices (HPD)

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High Precision Devices (HPD)

High Precision Devices

Address: 4601 Nautilus Ct South, Suite 100, Boulder, CO 80301
County: Boulder
Phone: (303)-447-2558
Email: salest@hpd-online.com
Website: www.hpd-online.com


High Precision Devices (HPD) is an instrument research and development company with more than 25 years of experience in superior product development and manufacturing. HPD’s expertise includes complex electro-mechanical, optical, vacuum, magnetics, and cryogenic systems as well as control and monitoring electronics and software. HPD’s mission is to serve scientific communities in industry, government, and academia with instruments that enable important societal contributions from the world’s top scientists. HPD has worked on thousands of scientific instrument projects in fields such as ultralow temperature research and development systems, high-performance electro-optic instruments and sensors, and quantitative MRI.

Employees: 35



HPD has a highly experienced staff of scientists, engineers, and instrument designers using SolidWorks CAD and Simulation software. Our engineering expertise includes optical systems analysis, thermal design/analysis, fluid mechanics design and analysis, electronics design, and software systems solutions. In addition, HPD maintains a group of highly qualified subject matter experts and contractors to provide special analytical, hardware, and software services as needed to ensure that the ultimate design is performance-optimized and meets our DFMA standards. We have an extensive CNC instrument shop with manufacturing and inspection capabilities to fabricate a wide range of parts for experimentation and production. Our metrology lab includes digital CMM capabilities used to verify that complex parts comply with the geometric dimensioning and tolerancing defined in our CAD models to ensure compliance with performance requirements. Our expertise includes assembly and verification tests of our deliverable systems.

HPD’s integrated operations and instrument development process enable the execution of projects from the idea stage through conceptualization, research, design, testing, prototyping, and volume manufacturing. Using a collaborative process that closely involves our customers and draws upon our instrument development experience, HPD customers enjoy hardware solutions that meet or exceed unique and exacting customer needs.