LTI Optics

LTI Optics

LTI Optics

Address: 10850 Dover Street, Suite 300
Westminster, CO 80021
Phone: 720-891-0030
Description: LTI Optics produces the Photopia optical design software and provides optical design consulting services.  Photopia is a probabilistic non-sequential raytracing program running inside of SOLIDWORKS & Rhino for designing and analyzing non-imaging optical systems for illumination, UV disinfection & curing, light pipes, IR optical sensors, signaling devices, solar concentration, daylighting, etc.  Photopia includes a library of light sources based on their physical geometry, radiant & spectral properties.  Photopia also includes a library of material data based on both defined optical parameters as well as measured directional reflectance/transmittance data and BSDF scattering data.  LTI Optics maintains an optics lab for measuring light source and material properties from 200-1100nm.
Year Founded: 1982
Products/Services: Products:

Photopia for SOLIDWORKS

Photopia for Rhino


Optical design consulting services for non-imaging optical systems including illumination, signaling devices, UV disinfection & curing, light pipes, IR optical sensors, solar concentration, daylighting, etc.

Light source intensity distribution & spectral measurements.

Material reflectance, transmittance & scattering measurements.

Training in photometry, radiometry, colorimetry, non-imaging optical design & the use of Photopia.

# Employees              34